Proline is commited to develop best Fruit hybrids and inbred varieties that yield more than any comparable variety in the world.


Proline® Brand Hybrids Available



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    A vigorous medium to early hybrid (85-90 days) with good adaptability.

    Fruits are oval to oblong in shape, each weighing 9 -12 Kg.

    Rind is light green with dark green stripes.

    Flesh is deep crimson red with good texture and sweetness (TSS 12-13 %).

    Good transport and keeping qualities are other major attributes of this popular hybrid.

    Hybrid type: Oval To Oblong Type Hybrids

    Relative days to maturity (DS): 85 - 90

    Rind Pattern: light green rind with distinctive dark green stripes

    Fruit size (kg): 9-12

    Fruit shape: oblong

    Flesh colour: deep crimson

    Flesh texture: good

    Sweetness TSS (%): 11-12

    Remarks: very good shipper, wide adaptability


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