Proline is research dedicated towards the development of Bio Fertilizer. They are natural and organic fertilizer that helps to keep in the soil with all the nutrients and live microorganisms required for the benefits of the plants. The soil is alive and contains a lot of microorganism that produce natural N-K-P and other nutrients required for agricultre and plants. Using chemical products eventually will kill all this micro live and transform productive soils in sand in few years. Importance of Bio Fertilizer is crutial for human health as well.



Proline® Brand BioProducts Available



 * ProZyme

 * Pro Vitammin+

 * Proline Bumper           .

 * Pro Humicsun

 * Pro M










  • Pozyme is a modern, biologically prepared source of potential of plants. It is an admixture of natural elements of seed weed and proteins. This yields a good ingredient. Different types of mineral proteins and complex bases allied with okgene are also mixed along with this active ingredient. This brings a green revolution when applied to the plants, flowers and fruits borne. It also increases the resistance of plants towards pests, diseases and climate stresses.

  • Usage: Prozyme can be used on cotton, paddy, chilly, soybean, wheat, green gram, sugarcane, groundnut, urid, tea, mustard, opium, different fruits, flowers and vegetables. It is soluble in water. It is non-toxic. It can be applied admixed with any insecticide and fungicide.

  • Dose: 50ml. Prozyme to be mixed with 15 litre of water.

  • Prozyme Granules – Granules of Prozyme mixed with any fertilizer or soil when applied to ½ acre of land, during preparation of field or at the time of germination, increases the yield.


  • Pro Vitammin+

    Pro Vitamin+ is a complex of naturally occurring amino acids and is derived by the hydrolysis of protein rich material. During the process of hydrolysis, along with proteins, other material is also hydrolyzed resulting into different active ingredients such as carboxylic acid, folic acid (vitamin) etc. Enhances overall development of plants. Makes branches dense and long. Provides hormones and vitamins to the crop. Number of Flowers is increased and size and yield of fruit is enhanced. Also improves the quality of crop.

  • Usage: Can be used on all vegetables, soybean, green gram, paddy, millet, tomato, chilly, wheat, potato, groundnut, cotton, green pea, mango, coriander crops etc.

  • Dose: 15-25 ml per 16 litre of water

  • Method of application: To be used 20 days after sowing and prior to flowering (at an interval of 20days). It can be mixed with any insecticide/pesticide.


  • Proline Bumper

  • Proline Bumper is a research product containing 20% Nitrobenzene. It is applied to different crops and boosts flowering resulting in increased productivity. It can be mixed with any insecticide/pesticide.

  • Usage: When sprayed once after every 25 days on crop like cotton, chilly, brinjal, tomato and once after every 20 days on crops like jasmine, rose, it increases the productivity.

  • Dose: 40 ml Proline Bumper with 16 litre of water for spray.

  • Pro Humicsun

  • Humic acids are a complex mixture of partially “decomposed” and other wise transformed organic materials. The chemistry of their formation is quite complex, freshwater humic acids can come from a variety of sources, most of which are on land (decomposing terrestrial vegetation).

  • Pro HumicSun is derived biotechnologically and is a mixture of proteins and humic acid. Natural elements and proteins are mixed to prepare Pro HumicSun. It also contains an admixture of carboxylic acid, folic acid(vitamin), ploypeptides and other mineral elements.

  • Application of Pro HumicSun to plants in a green revolution thereby simulating growth. It also increases the number of flowers and fruits borne by the plants.

  • Actions:

  • Makes the soil more workable and Increases aeration of soil.
    Increase water holding capacity.
    Improves seed bed.
    Reduces soil erosion.
    Increases buffering properties of soil.
    Chelates metal ions under alkaline conditions.
    Rich in both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth.
    Retains water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to to the plants when needed.
    Possesses extremely high ion-exchange capacities.
    Promotes the conversion of a number of elements into forms available to plants.

  • Usage: Pro HumicSun can be applied to cotton, soybean, groundnut, chilly, vegetables, fruits and all types of cereals. Pro HumicSun is soluble in water and is non-toxic. It can be mixed with any type of insecticide and sprayed.

  • Dose: Mix properly 50 ml HumicSun with 15 litre of water and spray 500 ml. per acre as per growth of crop.


  • Pro Magic

  • Pro Magic is a special fertilizer containing nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium. It is readily soluble in water and can be easily sprayed on different crops, fruits and vegetables. It also contains micronutrients such as sulphur, boron, copper etc.

  • Actions:

  • Pro Magic is devoid of harmful elements such as chloride and sodium.
    It can be sprayed at any stage of crop.
    It is absorbed by the plants within a few hours of spray.
    It is not wiped away by flood, rain or evaporation.
    All its nutrient ingredients are in 100% available form.
    It is a cost-saving fertilizer.
    It can be sprayed along with crop-saving chemicals.

  • Dose: Usually, dissolves 5-10 gm. Pro Magic in 1 litre of water. Spray 20ml. per acre.

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