Proline is commited to develop best vegetable hybrids and inbred varieties that yield more than any comparable variety inthe world.



Proline® Brand Hybrids Available



 * LIZA 151


Liza 151




LIZA 151


  • Plant

    * Strong medium tall plant with productive branches Fruit harvesting starts 40-45 days after sowing head

    * Attractive dark green tender fruits Average fruit size is 9-10cm. Average fruit weight is 9-10gm Fruits are shiny, smooth and easy to pick

    Salient Features

    * Good field adaptability with dark green fruits and foliage

    * High yield with excellent fruit quality.

    * Fruits are good for long distance transport

    * Plant Habit :tall

    * Number of ribs : 5

    * Pod length : Medium long

    * Pod colour : green

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