Wheat is world's number one staple food crop and is most important for food security . It has made substantial contribution towards green revolution in India. Proline Seeds started the crop improvement research in wheat decade ago and developing improved research varieties to cater to the need of Indian Farmer  .

Proline® Brand Research Seeds Available




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  • * Average Height 90-95 cm.

  • * Total Duration: 130-135 Days

  • * Average Yield: 55-60 qtl/hac.

  • * Sowing Time: 3rd week of October


Salient Feature:


* High stable grain yield

* Early maturing to escape adverse effect of heat during later crop growing stages

* Tolerant to moisture stress, leaf andstem rust.

* Bold vitrous grains with high protein content.






  • * Average Height 85-90 cm.

  • * Total Duration: 120-125 Days

  • * Average Yield: 50-55 qtl/hac.

  • * Sowing Time: 2nd week of November


Salient Feature:


* High yield potential

* More number of grain per spike

* TProfuse tillering with medium maturity.

* Resistance to rust and foliar diseases.

* Tolerant to rising temprature during grain filling.

* Semi-hard to hard grains with good bread & chapati making quality

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